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After the first stage of the project, it is proposed to cunduct all activites om the basic of the landing pad 'Shiryaikhi' near the city of Gagarin, Smolensk region, under the patronage of the Gamayun Aviation School.

The avivation technical complex (aircraft-technical park) is located on the territory of 100 hectares near the village of Shiryaikhi, Baskakovsky rural settlement, Gagarinsky district, Smolensk region. The distance of Moscow (MKAD) is 190 km along the Minsk Highway, The distance to Smolensk is 230 km. According to the preliminary draft, the new ATC includes all necessary facilities for maintaince and infrastructure. The concept of the development of the runway and avivation technical support are designed to receive small aircrafts AON (General aviation).



Vladimir Letuchev - фото - 1

Vladimir Letuchev

Total flight hours more than 2,000h
Flight instructor

Graduated from the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation in 1995. Engineer. Graduated from the Kaluga-based Air Force Flying and Technical Academy of the Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Navy (DOSAAF) in 2007.

Vladimir Shohin - фото - 1

Vladimir Shohin

Total flight hours more than 4,300h
Flight instructor
Volchansk Flight Instructor Training Academy of the Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Navy (DOSAAF) of the USSR in 1985.
Virin Dmitry - фото - 1
Graduated from the State Technical University named after AN Tupolev
Faculty of Aircraft Engines
Specialization Aviation and space technology
Viktor Baranov - фото - 1

Viktor Baranov

Total flight hours more than 5,000h
Flight instructor, teacher
Military Aviation School of Pilots in 1980. Military pilot 1st class, reserve lieutenant colonel, holder of the Order of the Red Star


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